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Soviet Union, Illustrated Monthly, September 1954

Family on a holiday going to the Black Sea
People always speak of the Crimea as the land of the sun.
And indeed it is one of the sunniest and most delihtful regions of the boundless Soviet country.

Heroine mother and her family.
Tajok plov and green tea are served on a sultry afternoon at the table of Saidmo Rajabova's family.

Fiction published in Ukrainian.
The picture was taken in the State Public Libary of the Ukrainian SSR.
The libary, which has 5.000.000 volumes, daily recieves more than 300 copies of new books. 

The working people
Oskar Ohakas, the best fitter at the project.
 Behind him is the foundation pit of the power-house.

 "Berezka "  the Dancing group
The word " Berezka " means birch tree and the group is one of the youngest of our dance ensembles, started only six years ago. The dancers who come to us from the ballet school of the Bolshoi Theatre and from amteur dance groups, are also young.
Uusi elämä alkoi hernekeittopurkeille ja lehdille.
New life for the magazines and pea soup cans.

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